Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Am I hungry or do I just need Water?

This morning I woke up with some serious hunger pains, I wanted to run to the kitchen and grab me a yummy left over lemon cupcake, but I stopped fast in my tracks....I heard Dr. Oz asking this question "Why is it so easy to confuse hunger with thirst?" So instead of rushing to eat that cupcake,... sad to say, I reluctantly ..... poured a big glass of lukewarm water (warm water wakes up your digestive system too) ahhhhhh refreshing!

I'm happy to say that I was just thirsty, my belly stopped talking to me and the pretty yellow lemon cupcake remains on its plate.

Here is what Dr. Oz said about these hunger pains.


The reason why some people eat is because their satiety centers are begging for attention. But sometimes, those appetite centers want things to quench thirst, not to fill stomachs. Thirst could be caused by hormones in the gut, or it could be a chemical response to eating—food increases the thickness of your blood and your body senses that it needs to dilute it.

A great way to counteract your hormonal reaction to food is to make sure that your response to thirst activation doesn't contain unnecessary, empty calories—like the ones in soft drinks or alcohol. Your thirst center doesn't care whether it's in zero-calorie water or a mega-calorie frap. When you feel hungry, drink a glass or two of water first, to see if that's really what your body wants.

So Chickie's, listen to your appetite center(did you even know you had one?) Grab a glass of something healthy when you have hunger pains or if your Cubical neighbor is asking you to hush your stomach up!! Go for the water cooler, cut up a pretty organic lime or cucumber (like the spas) and enjoy!!!!! (remember go organic in all things, support your local Farmers Market)

Be Healthy, Be Happy.


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